Come meet KASPAR the social robot at Autech 2015

About A call to action to the autism community: Why we must all champion assistive technology by Jane Carolan, Wirral Autistic Society As director of client services for a regional autism charity I’m frequently asked if we can use assistive technology to reduce support hours and costs. But assistive technology isn’t just about cost reduction, […]

Wirral Autistic Society implements new mobile platform

Brain in Hand – Aware of the possibilities mobile technology can play in personalised autism care, Wirral Autistic Society tested a new cloud-based solution from Brain in Hand, discovering improvements in 100% of the selected participants. Brain in Hand is a cloud-based solution that enables individuals to access a rich set of personalised pre-planned coping […]

Assistive Technology Improves Access to Education for Children with Autism

The rapid growth in the development and use of assistive technology in recent years has significantly improved access to education for children with autism. A multitude of assistive technology devices are now available for all children to use in public schools, and special attention has been given to assistive technology to help children with autism […]