Pros and Cons of Hiring an Advocate

Any parent of a child with special-needs knows that working with the school system can be stressful. Some school districts are more willing than others to make accommodations, and many parents simply do not have the time or energy to research the laws or fight for their rights. Special education lawyers are expensive, and bringing […]

What is Autism Advocacy?

The the main categories of autism advocates. It’s a word anybody who is familiar with the autism community has heard – advocacy. It seems as though everybody is an advocate for autism. Some are advocating for better services, and for laws aimed to help families and fund research. Others are advocating for their own children, […]

Autistic Advocacy – can we ever take someone’s voice away? Opinion

I am autistic. I sit merrily on the Spectrum, and am proud of my Asperger’s Syndrome diagnosis, as fresh as it is. I will also quite clearly state that I do not need an advocate, my voice, my opinions are solely my own and I have absolutely no problems in voicing concerns clearly and concisely. […]

George the Poet speaks out against the ridiculing of those with autism – w/video

United Kingdom – George Mpanga, the spoken word poet who came in 5th place at BBC’s Sounds of 2015, is speaking out regarding the ridiculing of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Mpanga, also known as George the Poet, will be featured on a BBC documentary that delves into ASD, a disorder that has baffled the […]

Denver nineteen year old with autism wins Temple Grandin Award

Denver, Col – Nineteen year old Benjamin Tarasweicz was diagnosed with autism as a toddler. He is now a public speaker and ambassador for living with autism. He has received the 2013 Temple Grandin award for raising awareness of autism. The award celebrates individuals with autism who make a difference in today’s world. He has […]