UPDATE Three teens charged with Ice Bucket Challenge attack on teen with autism

Cleveland — Autism Daily Newscast have been following the story of the despicable Ice Bucket Challenge assault on a teenager with autism in Clevelamd, Ohio, very closely. We last reported on the incident here. Three teenagers have now been charged in a juvenile court after admitting that they dumped a bucket containing urine, spit and […]

How Can Abuse of Special-Needs Students in Schools be Prevented?

The media has been full of stories of children with special needs being abused in schools, by teachers, aides, or other students. Each story is more disturbing than the last, with distraught parents threatening lawsuits and criminal charges. How is it that a place parents trust, where they send their child in good faith, hoping […]

Protecting Your Autistic Child from Abuse

The best way to deal with child abuse is to prevent it in the first place. No parent wants to see their child become a victim, and when your child has special needs, the stakes can be even higher. Many perpetrators see special-needs children as easy marks, because they may not understand the boundaries between […]

Is my Autistic Child being Abused? What to Look For

Child abuse is a serious problem, and when your child has autism, the stakes are even higher. Children with autism may have difficulty communicating with parents or other adults about incidents of abuse. They also may have difficulty recognizing that a certain form of interaction is not acceptable, and even think that the perpetrator is […]

Petition Calls for End of Electro-shock Therapy for Autism

This video depicts a scene straight out of American Horror Story: Asylum. Unfortunately, this clip is not fictional, nor is it from the far distant past. It happened to a young man named Andre McCollins, in 2002. He was shocked 31 times, as punishment for refusing to remove his coat in class. This went on […]

What to do if you Suspect Abuse of your Autistic Child

There have been several recent stories in the media detailing abuse of children with autism and other special-needs. The perpetrators could be teachers, caregivers, or even the child’s own parents. Children with autism are at a higher risk for abuse, for several reasons. They tend to have social and behavioral difficulties, which can lead to […]

Bring Chris Home campaign – young man with severe autism in hospital subjected to ‘institutional abuse’

Bring Chris Home – is a national campaign set up by Lynne McCarrick, the mother of Chris, a young man with severe autism and learning disabilities who has been placed into the care of Calderstones NHS Trust, miles away from his family home. He has been detained in the treatment and assessment unit for more […]

UPDATE: Therapist who abused young boy with autism pleads guilty

Racine, WI – Autism therapist Stephen Jacobs who was charged with physically abusing Stephanie Lowe’s son Caeden, pleaded guilty on Tuesday Feb 3. The 28-year-old Wauwatosa native was caught on tape hurting the 3-year-old with severe autism on December 14, 2013. We last reported on the story on Jan 30, Therapist caught abusing young boy with […]

Therapist caught abusing young boy with autism on video

Milwaukee — A therapist from the Autism Intervention Milwaukee was caught abusing a three-year-old boy with severe autism on camera. The therapist, Stephen Jacobs, can be seen head-butting the child, elbowing him in the head, throwing him on the couch, and hitting him with pillows. Stephanie Lowe, mother to Caeden, said that she suspected that […]

Update – Parents of teen with autism who was duct taped to goal post do not seek charges

Pittsburgh, PA – The parents of Austin Babinsack, a 16-year-old soccer player with autism, are not pressing charges against the two upperclassmen who duct-taped their son to a goal post. Autism Daily Newscast reported on the story here. Instead John and Kristi Babinsack want the guilty teens to apologize, do community service, and complete autism awareness […]