Animals and autism – which animal? Part 6

When it comes to choosing which animal might be appropriate for people with autism a number of factors could play a part. Whilst potentially any animal from a goldfish to an elephant (more on the use of exotic animals in my next post) can be of assistance, time, money, facilities and personal preferences all need […]

Autism and Animals – What’s behind it? Part 4

Animals motivating communication In previous posts we looked at the potential of animals to reduce anxiety and promote social skills. But can it go beyond this? Can interacting with animals  promote interaction between people with autism who might otherwise  not wish to engage with  those around them?  The evidence suggests yes. There are many anecdotal […]

An Unlikely Super Duo – Merrick and his service dog

The following is a guest post by Jessica Lyons. Her three-year-old son Merrick has autism and owns Toby, a love-able service dog. My son, like most sons to a mother, is my super hero. What sets him apart from other super heroes, is that he has a sidekick named Toby, who just as equally a super hero in […]

Therapy dogs provide support for children on the spectrum

Salt Lake City, UT – Canine companions are now being used as a tool to provide both comfort and support for children on the autism spectrum. Therapy service dogs have become increasingly popular in the treatment of various disorders in recent years. Therefore for individuals with autism who often have difficulty developing social skills such […]

Pigs help young brothers with autism

Yukon, Oklahoma – Jacob, Keegan and Harrison Howell are triplets aged 12 and all are on the autism spectrum Jacob and Keegan participated last summer in the Agvocates for Exeptional Individuals program that helps children with special needs by teaching them to care for and exhibit livestock. By taking care of an animal Jacob’s verbal […]