Heightened anxiety in autism

In these days of greater focus on the presentation of autism outside of just the core triad (or dyad depending on your diagnostic definition) of behaviours, one issue crops up time and time again: anxiety. For anyone with either personal or professional experience / interest in autism, the findings from Hallett and colleagues* talking about […]

Autism and Anxiety – Part 3 – tips for dealing with anxiety.

The previous two articles in this series looked at anxiety in people with autism, and how it can affect them. This article will try and look at some of the things that can be done to either stop anxiety, or lessen its impact. The tips might not work for everyone, and each individual will have […]

Autism and Anxiety – Part 2 – the effects of anxiety.

Anxiety can have a huge impact on the lives of those who suffer from it. It often goes hand in hand with other mental health conditions, and can also have a physical impact on anyone who has to live with it; affecting their physical and mental health as well as their social life, and the […]

Autism and Anxiety – Part 1 – why are people with autism more likely to experience anxiety?

Anxiety is something that can affect anyone. It can cause feelings of nervousness, fear and stress, as well as making those that suffer from it physically ill. Anxiety can come in small amounts, or it can be so extreme that those affected can not bring themselves to leave the house. It`s well known that people […]

Animals and Autism – What’s behind it Part 2

In my last post I gave a brief overview of how animal therapy came about and of its particular significance to autism. In this post I’ll look at how animals can help reduce fear and anxiety in autism. We’re all familiar with the goldfish in the dentist waiting room or the popular belief that stroking […]

Autism and Anxiety – The Shapes of Fear

Does your child withdraw into his own world at times? Or get upset by changes in his routine or environment?  Is he reluctant to try anything new?  Have routines that simply ‘have to be done’ often in a specific order?   Or is she a ‘collector’ – filling her pockets, her room or even the whole house with the things […]