An Artist with Autism Becomes an Inspiration

Dallas Looman is an aspiring professional artist about to receive an Award of Excellence and $2,000 for his artwork in Washington D.C. Dallas was also diagnosed with autism when he was two and a half years old. Limited by his language ability, Dallas took up art as a way to express himself and to communicate […]

Teen with autism starts his own art business

Milwaukee — A young boy with autism started his very own business out of something that he loves doing— at the tender age of 13. Malachi Schmidt was diagnosed with autism when he was just three years old. Not long after that, his mother, Nina, discovered that painting and drawing had therapeutic effects on him. […]

Classes help individuals with autism to express themselves through art

Stretford, UK– A local woman with a passion for creative expression and a desire to help others has started an art class for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in her community. Alice Darlington, the coordinator of the Create and Sell classes, initially used art as a form of therapy after the sudden death of […]

Blind Tom: Civil War Slave and Autistic Savant

Columbus, GA – During the 1850s Blind Tom who was a child pianist,gained the attention of people far and wide. During his lifetime, family and friends, fought for the right for him to earn money from his chosen career of playing the piano.  He died in 1908. Tom was sadly born into slavery and was […]

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Pure Visions studio helps artists with autism develop their talent

New York, NY – A local art studio has provided over 40 young artists on the autism spectrum with the opportunity to develop their artistic skills and share their work with the public. Developed by Shield Institute in 2002, Pure Visions is a specially designed studio that serves as a creative outlet providing those on the […]

Interview with Russell Lehmann – Autistic Poet and Author

Russell Lehmann – is a 23-year old poet and author who now wants to spread autism awareness through music. Russell is on the autistic spectrum. We shared Russell’s campaign back in September, this can be read here. We wanted to learn more about Russell’s life, writing and quest for autism awareness and acceptance through music. […]

Boy with Autism inspired by graffiti

Modesto, CA – Boy with autism, Kingston Lara was only 2 when he fell in love with a spray painted mural near Leos Market at H and Third street in 2012. Like most others on the spectrum, Kingston lacked the language skills to show his appreciation for the wall art, but his mother knew from […]

Ashton Kutcher is a fan of Iris Grace Painting

Ashton Kutcher – recently posted on Facebook about his interest in the paintings of Iris Grace, a five year old little girl with autism. We recently interviewed Iris’s mother, Arabella, the 2 part interview can be read here. Iris Grace, who was diagnosed with autism in 2011 has an extraordinary talent; she paints and she […]

Interview – Isaac Raymond Fashion Designer Part 2

Isaac Raymond, 16 has been making his own fashion designs  since he was 12. Isaac has Asperger’s Syndrome. This is part 2 of our interview with him. Part 1 can be read here. We asked Isaac where he will next be exhibiting his collection? “My next catwalk is in Central London on January 17, 2015 […]

Interview – Isaac Raymond Fashion Designer Part 1

Brighton, UK – On September 5 we reported about Isaac Raymond, a 16 year old who has been making his own fashion designs  since he was 12. Isaac has Asperger’s Syndrome and was bullied during his younger years. The article can be read here. We wanted to learn more about Isaac and his keen eye […]