Music of the genome hits a discord with autism

The below article originally appeared on The Conversation website. By Jeffrey Craig, Anthony Hannan and Yuk Jing Loke. We still do not know what causes autism, but insights from the burgeoning field of epigenetics are helping to reveal the subtle factors that can contribute to the disorder. Autism spectrum disorder (autism for short) is a term […]

How music has helped a young man wtih autism

Horicon, Wisconsin – Dawn Powers, talks openly about her son Darion, 17 who has autism and loves music. Dawn knew from an early age that something was going on with her young son. She told the Beaver Dam Daily Citizen. “They thought I was comparing the two, but you could just tell,” she said. “Darion […]

Blind Tom: Civil War Slave and Autistic Savant

Columbus, GA – During the 1850s Blind Tom who was a child pianist,gained the attention of people far and wide. During his lifetime, family and friends, fought for the right for him to earn money from his chosen career of playing the piano.  He died in 1908. Tom was sadly born into slavery and was […]

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Young people with autism shine at the Boston Conservatory

BOSTON — Young people on the autism spectrum found a way to showcase their talents at the Boston Conservatory. Over 30 young musicians are currently under the performance arts conservatory’s program for children with autism; playing various musical instruments from trumpets, guitars and pianos, while some develop and showcase their talents in singing. Rhoda Bernard, […]

The Aus-Sums. A new children’s entertainment band that helps autistic children. Part 1

Kansas City, MO  – Brian Smith, The Aus-Sum Dad, recently announced that he has formed a new band called The Aus-Sums. The band features original music that everyone can enjoy but their main goal is helping children on the autism spectrum. The songs are tools parents can use that will help their child develop the […]

Woodstock Chimes for Autism: Tyler’s Story

Woodstock Chimes, Shokan, New York – Tyler Doi, 8 from Toronto has autism, an incredible musical acuity and a passion for wind chimes, he owns over 100. When Tyler was 6 his parents contacted Woodstock Chimes, a leading manufacturer of more than 200 musically tuned windchimes, to share Tyler’s story. Since then, the Doi family has […]

Non Verbal Autistic Man Speaks to the World Through Music

Atherton, Manchester – Martin Finn,22 is autistic, non verbal and loves to go on holiday to Benidorm. The Irish Examiner met with Martin and his parents, John and Norma, while on holiday there. John and Norma Finn tell of how their son loves music and the paper reports that: “He is no longer rocking, but […]