Expert to the Newton panel says autism and violence not tied.

Hartford, Connecticut, Matthew Lerner, professor of psychology at Stony Brook University – told a commission looking into the Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre in Connecticut on Friday Jan 17 that there is no link between autism and increased violent criminal behaviour. Pat Eaton -Robb in the Star Tribune reports that Matthew Lerner said: “Having autism, […]

Petition Calls for End of Electro-shock Therapy for Autism

This video depicts a scene straight out of American Horror Story: Asylum. Unfortunately, this clip is not fictional, nor is it from the far distant past. It happened to a young man named Andre McCollins, in 2002. He was shocked 31 times, as punishment for refusing to remove his coat in class. This went on […]

Opinion: Irresponsible article links risk for Violence with Autism creating more Misunderstanding of ASD

  A controversial article published in the “journal” Medical Hypotheses adds to the on-going misunderstanding of autism through speculation and imagination. The article, “Autism plus psychosis, a ‘one-two punch’ risk for tragic violence?” is riddled with unanswered questions. The overriding concern is that the public simple reads the title of the article and will assume that […]

Autism and Abuse on the Rise

Charges are pending against the mother of a 30 year old autistic man after discovering that he had been held locked up and left for long periods of time in the mobile home in the state of Florida. Police say they became a were of the situation when they received an anonymous call that described the conditions as “dungeon-like”. […]