Harry Specters – What skills do people with autism have?

The following article by Mona Shan appeared on the Harry Specters website and has been reprinted with kind permission. A previous article on Harry Specters can be read here, Harry Specters creates jobs for individuals with autism. Recently, an MBA student asked us a simple question as part of his project. “Why do more companies […]

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United Overseas Bank hires workers with autism

Singapore — More than one-third of the workers at the Scan Hub of the United Overseas Bank have autism, and the company says they’re thriving at their jobs. The company hired the workers as part of their partnership with the Autism Resource Center, and it looks like they were surprised at how well the workers […]

Update – Girl AGain boutique supports young women on the autism spectrum

Hartsdale, New York— Marjorie Madfis founded Yes She Can Inc., which is a nonprofit that aims to develop job skills and job opportunities for young women with autism. Marjorie’s daughter, Isabelle 18 has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD.) The first boutique Girl AGain, sells American Girl products and opened in February this year. We reported on […]

Students with autism in Adult Preperation Program earn first paycheck

DeKalb, Ill. — Students under the Adult Preparation Program (APP) of the Camelot Northwest Center for Autism (NWCA) in DeKalb have received their first paychecks from jobs as part of the program. The DeKalb center of NWCA partnered with local businesses both in DeKalb and Sycamore to help prepare children and young adults on the […]