Press Release – The app DayCape is finally available on the App store!

DayCape (previously known as Snailday) is an app that mostly helps children on the autistic spectrum to manage their daily structure and routine. The app during the summer has only been available for a certain test group to make sure that it’s really helpful. But after the feedback from the summer test users, the DayCape team […]

Interview with Samuel Toth – co-founder of Auti-mate, the online video game that develops strengths and talents of those with autism

Auti-mate – is a Budapest based start-up that develops talent discovery and development video games for children with autism. will host a collection of games that will cover a wide spectrum of autistic savant skills, such as visual analytic skills, understanding of mechanical systems, memory and systematic thinking. is a first-of-its-kind tool that […]

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Interview – #ICE4Autism mobile app helps individuals with autism during emergency situations

United States – On World Autism Awareness Day, April 2, the ICE4Autism mobile app was launched born. ICE stands for In Case of Emergency, and is widely known and used with the first responder and emergency medical community. The website states: ‘Specially developed in collaboration with people on the spectrum for people on the spectrum, […]

Autism Village – free app that helps families affected by autism – w/video

Autism Village – is a free ‘tripadvisor®’ app, that has been designed with the aim of helping families who are affected by autism. The app allows the user to identify autism friendly businesses, organizations, and services with the added benefit of being able to read both ratings and reviews based on how ‘autism friendly‘ that […]

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New app claims to assess and improve autism symptoms

Boston – Akili Interactive Labs, whose parent company is PureTech, has partnered with Delivering Scientific Innovations for Autism (DELSIA) a not-for-profit subsidiary of Autism Speaks, to fund a study to test Akili’s new app Project:EVO Akili COO Eddie Martucci told Mobile Health News. “We are very excited to have the involvement and backing of such […]

Students develop app to help classmates with autism – w/video

Brampton, Ontario – A group of grade students at an area school are in the process of creating an app to assist pupils who are on the autism spectrum to learn math more effectively. Sir Isaac Brock Public School students opted to take it upon themselves to develop an application that will utilize auditory, kinetic and […]

Doctor creates social app for people with Autism

The Bronx, NY – Director of the Montefiore Einstein Center for Autism and Communication Disorders, Dr. Michele Dunn has created an app to help people on the autism spectrum navigate social situations better. The app is called Dr. Dunn and was inspired by a student who asked for a way to get help with social […]

Snailday – Anton Hakansson becomes a Change Leader for children on the autism spectrum

Sweden – We last reported on Snailday and its founder Anton Håkanson in December with the news that Anton had become a  Change Leader in the Reach for Change program. Reach for Change is an international program that supports entrepreneurs with companies that support children, which is what Snailday do. The Reach for Change website […]

Samsung launches ‘Look at Me’ app for children with autism

Ottawa, Canada — Korean electronics giant Samsung announced Monday the debut of an app they specifically developed to help children on the autism spectrum improve their social skills. The app, called ‘Look at Me’, helps children with autism better express their emotions by assisting them in identifying facial expressions as well as establishing eye contact […]

Snailday one of the Winners in Reach for Change

Snailday – We first reported on Snailday and its founder Anton Håkanson, back in March this year, our report can be read here. The company who are based in Sweden  consists of a small but dedicated team of designers and developers who are: ‘trying to make the world a little better by creating a digital […]