Madison House Autism Foundation Help to Support Autistic Adults in the Local Community

Potomac, Maryland – JaLynn Prince and her husband, Gregory Prince, started Madison House Autism Foundation in 2008 to help autistic adults. Gazette.Net reports that there are an estimated one in 88 children in the U.S. who are on the autism spectrum. JaLynn Prince said. “Often people [with autism] are confined to home with nothing meaningful […]

Derogatory lyric in Drake and J.Cole’s Jodeci Freestyle to be dubbed

We have been following developments on J.Cole and Drake’s single Jodeci Freestyle for a few weeks now, expecting news of the removal of the lyric which has caused explosions within the Autism Community. The song, released on Saturday June 22nd cause an uproar within the Autism Community, with numerous complaints online, in print and aired […]

Autism acceptance hard to find in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur – Families with autism are getting the cold shoulder as support for the learning difference is slow to arrive. In addition to the high cost of autism therapies (RM5,000-RM8,000 a month), some autism consultancies have been evicted from wealthy neighborhoods such as Cheras. Zoya Lleana told Malay Mail Online, “It’s not that they don’t […]