Eating Strategies for Children with Autism, Part 2

Children with autism tend to be selective eaters because of sensory issues. Food might be refused because of its taste, texture, appearance, and/or smell. It becomes difficult for a parent or caregiver to get their autistic child not only to eat enough, but to also eat healthy. Some have given up trying to work with […]

Eating Made Palatable and Fun for Children with Autism

Autism affects every area of a person’s life, even the daily arena of eating. Many children who are not diagnosed on the autism spectrum simply pick up their fork and start eating, even thought they might be inclined to skip over the greens. There are no triggers about mealtime that would disturb the enjoyment of […]

Back to School: Autism and sharing information about the school day

Parents of children with autism generally have a hard time teaching their children to share information about their school day, as one of the core symptoms of autism is « difficulty with language and other forms of communication » according to the Boston Children’s Hospital’s website ( talked to one mom of a seven year old. Names […]