Autism-Friendly Films for Autistic Moviegoers and Their Friends and Family

Autistic children and adults who may love watching movies but dread the movie theatre can now enjoy new releases in an autism-friendly theatre environment. Several cinemas in the US and UK are offering monthly showings in an auditorium suitable for an autistic audience. The autism-friendly auditorium will have dimmed lights (rather than complete dark), reduced […]

The Hippodrome Cinema in Falkirk Offer Autism Friendly Screenings

Bo’ness, Falkirk, UK – The Hippodrome cinema has announced another season of autism-friendly screenings (ASF) for the summer. The screenings started just over a year ago. Autism-friendly shows mean there are no adverts or trailers before the film and the lights remain low with the sound also lowered. Teresa Argent, vice-secretary of Falkirk Autistic Bairns […]

Alex Redmond makes an ‘Autism Friendly Film Screenings’ film

Burnley, Lancashire – Alex Redmond has been involved within the special needs world most of his life as his mother is a special needs primary school teacher. We recently came across Alex on twitter when he posted about the film that he made as part of his Film Production Technology degree at Staffordshire University. His […]

Dimensions Launch First Ever Dedicated Week of Autism Friendly Screenings to Celebrate World Autism Day on April 2

UK cinema operators have come together to host the first ever national week of Autism Friendly Screenings (AFS) – This is to support World Autism Awareness Day which is in its seventh year. AFS were first introduced by Dimensions, a leading not-for-profit organisation which supports people who experience autism. AFS have sound levels turned down, […]