Raleigh – state Senate approves autism insurance bill

Raleigh – A bill has recently been approved by the state Senate that will help to insure that health insurance plans, that are regulated by the state, cover autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and associated therapy, adaptive behavior treatment. Unfortunately insurers will be allowed to cap the amount they pay for adaptive behavior treatment at $40,000 […]

Update: Kansas lawmaker seeks to improve insurance coverage for autism treatment

Topeka, Kan. — Kansas Rep. John Rubin says that he would like to push for modifications in the bill he himself championed for the expansion of insurance coverage for autism treatment in the state. House Bill 2744, the law that mandates autism coverage of insurance companies in the state, was passed with a compromise between […]

Kansas health insurance mandate for autism treatment is shaping up

Kansas– Therapy for autism is not covered by health insurances in Kansas at this point in time but a new mandate is trying to change legislation to allow autistic children to have coverage. Under the proposed mandate, Applied behavioural analysis and a range of behavioural therapies will be available and covered by the county’s health […]

How Will Obamacare Affect Autism Coverage?

As any family raising a child with autism knows all too well, the medical costs required to get these children the help they need are staggering. A study by the London School of Economics found that autism-related health costs have tripled since 2006, to $126 billion per year. They also estimate that the total cost […]

Proposed bill for autism treatment coverage through insurance plans expanded

Pierre, SD – The parents of children with ASD have helped to expand a bill that would result in an increase of coverage for specific behavioural therapy treatments offered throughout the state. On Wednesday, the House of State Affairs Committee voted to approve the amendment which would ultimately mandate the coverage, resulting in a 30% […]

Autism, Legislation and Insurance

Autism is expensive. Children diagnosed often require multiple therapies for years. ABA therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, social skills therapy, psychiatric care and any medications required are all extra expenses not covered by insurance in every state. ABA alone may cost $100 or more an hour and patients often benefit the most from daily therapy […]

New bill may provide more private insurance cover towards autistic children

Augusta, Maine USA — a new bill that is being considered may mean that more children will be able to receive private insurance coverage for autism treatment. At present the current law mandates that insurance companies must provide coverage for treatment of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) only for children ages 5 and under. Alanna Durkin […]