Israeli Defense Forces’ “Watching the Horizon” continues to help individuals with autism

Tel Aviv — Roim Rachok, or “Watching the Horizon“, is the first-ever program for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) that teaches decoding and interpreting satellite images. Individuals with autism are often very keen on details and have no problems following routines, and this is why the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) saw the job of […]

Clayton Ulrich Nuckelt – Executive Producer of Discover Your Mind with Cornelius “Bushy” Van Eck on The Autism Channel

The Autism Channel is a world renowned network for the autistic community. It streams autism programs of interest that are entertaining and informative. All hosts on the channel are on the autistic spectrum. At present the Autism Channel is available on two platforms, the Roku set-top box and Panasonic Viera. They are viewed in over […]

Students With Autism helped to prepare for life after high school

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – A new program from UNC’s Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute (FPG) is preparing students with autism for life after high school. Samuel L. Odom, FPG director said many students will face unemployment and a lack of social ties when they finish school. Mr Odom continues […]