Parents raise funds to get autism service dog for son

Shropshire, England — The parents of a five-year-old child who suffers from autism-like symptoms are doing everything they can to raise enough funds to get him his very own autism support dog. Oliver Fenner was a happy toddler who used to love pirates, playing with his older sister, shouting “love you” to his parents, but […]

Student with autism told therapy dog no longer allowed at school

Pontypridd, Wales UK – Paul and Helyn Sims may change their children’s school after being told that Razor, a German Shepard puppy that helps their son Jenson, is no longer allowed beyond the school’s gates. Jenson is 8-years-old and has autism. Before he had Razor he was prone to violent tantrums, Mr. Sims told news outlet […]

Woman victim of Internet autism service dog scam

Ottawa, ON – A local woman is advising the public to beware of scammers who sell autism service dogs online. Genevieve Trepanier opted to purchase an ASD service dog for her son Anthony but was loathe to wait the 3 years that it typically takes to obtain one through specialized agencies. Trepanier thus decided to […]

Update – Parents file complaint with Department of Justice against school board over service dog – With Video

Sherwood, Ore -The family of a young boy with autism has filed a federal complaint following the school’s refusal to allow their son’s autism service dog to attend classes with him without a handler. Scott and Jennifer Mcdonald opted to file the complaint with the Department of Justice as a result of an ongoing dispute […]

Therapy dogs provide support for children on the spectrum

Salt Lake City, UT – Canine companions are now being used as a tool to provide both comfort and support for children on the autism spectrum. Therapy service dogs have become increasingly popular in the treatment of various disorders in recent years. Therefore for individuals with autism who often have difficulty developing social skills such […]

Neighbor who shot and killed teen’s autism service dog faces charges – w/video

Missouri, KS – An area man has been charged by the municipal government for violating city bylaws after killing his neighbor’s autism service dog. According to reports, Hannah Guzman’s service dog Tobee had to be euthanized by a local veterinarian after being shot in the backyard of an individual residing in a nearby home. Guzman, […]

Autism service dog prohibited from being used at child’s school

Sherwood, ORE – The parent of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is angry with school board officials after she was told that her son’s autism service dog is prohibited from acting as an aide at the youngster’s primary school unless it is accompanied by a handler. Jennifer Macdonald is arguing that the school’s […]

Children with autism benefit from having a specially-trained dog

Researchers at University College Cork (UCC) say they have proven that children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can benefit from having a specially trained dog from a young age. The research has been published by the British Medical Journal. Dr Louise Burgoyne of UCC’s Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, who is the Lead researcher, […]

Prison trained labrador completely changes autistic boy’s quality of life

Zach Tucker, Colorado Springs – The arrival of Clyde, a chocolate Labrador has improved the quality of life for Zach, 11 who has Asperger’s Syndrome. Claude was trained to be a service dog in prison by inmate Christopher Vogt. Kirk Mitchell reports in The Denver Post that Zach’s parents had heard of the work that […]