What is the latest on Sharisa Kochmeister? an update interview with her father

By now many of our readers¬†will be familiar with the case of Sharisa Joy Kochmeisters, who was removed from her family’s care against her will. Her human rights were removed and she was subsequent placed into an entirely unsuitable care facility for patients with Dementia. Sharisa had her own legal guardianship, but has had it […]

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Autism Awareness Month – Autism is More than Autism Speaks and Temple Grandin

Autism Awareness month is coming and yet the media only seems to know about one autism organization and one successful autistic adult. They don’t seem to realize that: Autism is More than Autism Speaks and Temple Grandin During the month many national news outlets such as CNN, The New York Times, Fox News, Time Magazine […]

How Do I Know if I Have Autism?

“How do I know if I have autism?” is a question asked by many parents and family members of children who have been diagnosed with the condition. While a definitive cause is yet to be discovered, most scientists agree that there is a genetic component, and it is common for family members to notice particular […]