Bisphenol-A processed differently in children with autism – study shows

Stratford, N.J. — A study conducted by researchers from the Rowan University School of Medicine in Stratford (RowanSOM) and Rutgers New Jersey Medical School in Newark found that Bisphenol-A (BPA)— a chemical component commonly found in soda cans, water bottles, and some paper products— is processed differently in children on the autism spectrum. According to […]

Scientist with autism challenges notion that ASD impairs individual’s ability to interpret body language.

Aberdeen, Scotland — A scientist with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) led a study that challenges the most common belief about autism— that the condition impairs an individual’s ability to interpret gestures and body language. Dr. James Cusack, a scientist from the University of Aberdeen, was diagnosed with autism when he was 12 years old, and […]

Tadpole experiment shows drug may cause autism

Providence, RI – Brown University recently published a study in the Journal of Neuroscience that links autism’s cause to the epilepsy drug valporic acid (VPA) taken during pregnancy. “We can use this to identify biological targets that we can potentially manipulate to effect a rescue,” Lead study author and Brown University graduate student Eric James […]

Tel Aviv University may have found gene that is cause of autism in boys

Tel Aviv , Yafo, Israel – A recent study suggests that a gene called ADNP may be the cause of autism in boys and Alzheimer’s in older women. The study was conducted at Tel Aviv University and was lead by Professor Illana Gozes who holds the Lily and Avraham Gildor Chair for the Investigation of […]

Autism Research: Jan 30, 2015 Week in Review

Largest autism study finds siblings don’t share most autism genes The largest-ever study conducted on the autism genome came up with some shocking results this week. The study led by Dr. Stephen Scherer of Autism Speaks found that siblings with autism did not share most of the autism-linked genes. The study comes as a huge […]

Australia – New survey shows autism community unhappy with current research

Australia – A new study conducted by Dr. Liz Pellicano, former University of Western Australia psychology graduate, and current director of the University of London’s Centre for Research in Autism and Education, showed that the autism community is unhappy with recent research. 18% of researches from 2007-2011 have focused on the biochemical causes of autism […]

Study shows minority children underrepresented in autism identification

Lawrence, Kan. — A study co-authored by an assistant professor of special education in the University of Kansas found that minority children may have been underrepresented in the country’s autism identification. Jason Travers found that there was an increase in the number of white students identified with autism between the years 2000 to 2007 in […]

New study suggests mothers of autistic children parent differently

University of Leuven in Belgium – nearly 1,000 mothers living in Belgium and the Netherlands completed a questionnaire about parenting behaviours. The children were aged 6 – 18. 552 families who completed the questionnaire have a child with autism. The study which is highlighted on the Disability Scoop website found that mothers of children with […]

New autism study finds that girls are diagnosed later than boys

A new study, Gender Differences in Diagnosis and Social Characteristics of Children With Autism (ASD) from a US Registry, has found that girls with Asperger’s syndrome are diagnosed six months later than boys. Nearly 10,000 children with autism were involved in the research study, that sourced data from the Interactive Autism Network registry. On average, boys […]

Scientists discover gene mutation linked to severe autism in girls

Baltimore, Md. — Researchers from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine’s Institute of Genetic Medicine said that they have discovered a single genetic mutation that is likely responsible for severe autism in young girls. Using an approach that concentrates on rare and extreme cases of autism, the researchers studied 13 young girls with severe […]