Vile arsonist destroy autistic boy’s Christmas dream

Manchester, UK- Cowardly arsonists have destroyed an autistic boy’s dream Christmas present of a sensory play house in the garden, by maliciously setting fire to it. Seven year old Harvey Ratcliffe is severely autistic, and parents Fiona and Wesley had saved for months to convert the garden shed into a sensory room for their son, full of expensive light […]

Re-Launch for Autism Charity in Hampshire

Hampshire Autistic Society – is now known as Autism Hampshire. The Daily Echo reports that a spokesman for the charity said: “The new name is seen as a natural evolution of the charity’s branding to better reflect a continued focus on autism and to remove the perceived exclusive nature of the term ‘society’. They continue: […]

A New National Education Diagnostic and Assessment Centre to Open in Abuja, Nigeria.

The Federal Government has begun construction on the new National Education Diagnostic and Assessment Centre in Abuja, Nigeria. The Centre will be used for the early referral and identification of children with special needs including children on the autistic spectrum. This was announced on the occasion to mark the 2013 autism awareness creation and international […]

Occupational Therapy using Sensory Integration can improve daily life for Autistic Children

Researchers led by Neuroscientist Roseann Schaaf, have found that the use of Occupation Therapy together with Sensory Integration (OT-SI) can provide better outcomes for children on the autistic spectrum than ordinary standard care. OT-SI therapy for Autism is based on the child’s difficulties interpreting sensory information and how these difficulties impact on everyday life and […]

Kristina Chew from New Jersey, USA, voices fears for her 16 year old Autistic son’s future

New Jersey, USA. In America, children with disabilities are entitled to social services until they are 21 years of age. Kristina Chew’s son, Charlie, is severely autistic and has intellectual disabilities. He will soon be 16 ½ and this has prompted Kristina to think about preparing for his future as an adult on the autistic […]

Illinois man indicted of sexual assault on autistic woman

Peoria, Illinois – A 53 year old man from Peoria Illinois has been indicted by Tazwell County Grand Jury on counts of sexual assault against a woman diagnosed with autism. The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons is thought to have the mental capacity of a six or seven year old. The attack […]

Tributes flood in for Irish autism activist found dead in her home

Ballinagearagh, Ireland – Tributes are flooding in for a relentless autism campaigner who was found dead in her home after being attacked. Susan Dunne, 56, who shared her home with 19 year old autistic son Patrick, lived in the rural heart of North Kerry, Ireland, where neighbours are shocked with the turn of events. Her […]

Directory launched for people living around autism in Hertfordshire, UK

Herts, UK –  A new directory with the aim of providing a better service to people living with around autism has been launched in Hertfordshire, UK. The directory has been produced with the aim of helping the 18,000 or so people on the spectrum and their families, friends and employers, providing reference, information and contact […]

Researchers say breastfed babies in risk of autism more likely to be sociable

Dresden, Germany — A research claims that babies who were found to have gene mutations linked to autism are likely to become sociable despite the fact that the developmental disorder is inclined to cause children to be socially challenged. The study, which was recently published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, […]

Montana mothers speak up for elimination diets to ease autism symptoms

Great Falls, MT – Two Montana mothers have spoken up for the use of elimination diets to ease the symptoms of autism. Kim Rice and Kim Martin both spoke to KBZK news, they both have children with autism. They adjusted the diets of both their children by gutting out knon allergens such as Gluten found […]