Bus ads pulled by Seattle Children’s Hospital after Offending Autistic Community

Last Friday, Seattle Children’s Hospital took down advertisements from local buses that had offended a significant portion of the autistic community. The ad read, “Let’s wipe out cancer, diabetes and autism in his lifetime,” a marketing campaign meant to raise awareness and funds to research cures for cancer, diabetes, and to find ways to help […]

Self-advocacy for people with Autism

Any parent of a child with autism has been an advocate at one time or another. We advocate to get services, medical treatments, and to spread awareness. As our children grow, it becomes necessary to give them the tools that will allow them to live as independently and fully as possible. Self-advocacy is crucial to […]

Scott Robertson Advocates for Autistic Adults

Scott Robertson has always known that he was different. He had difficulty making friends at school. Other kids made fun of him for the odd way he had trouble holding his arm steady when raising his hand in class, calling him names like “retard.” Another boy once told him that he was so weird he […]

Autism Without Fear: On the Twizzler Challenge and Other Populist Trends

It started on Comedy Central’s “Night of Too Many Stars,” Meredith Vieira ramped it up with Willie Geist, Regis Philbin did it with Hoda Kotb, Matt Lauer did it with Kathie Lee Gifford, Jimmy Kimmel and Rhianna just did it… any question that The Twizzler Challenge is the Ice Bucket Challenge for autism has been […]

Autistic Advocacy – can we ever take someone’s voice away? Opinion

I am autistic. I sit merrily on the Spectrum, and am proud of my Asperger’s Syndrome diagnosis, as fresh as it is. I will also quite clearly state that I do not need an advocate, my voice, my opinions are solely my own and I have absolutely no problems in voicing concerns clearly and concisely. […]