New indie film to give unique look into life with autism

Do you remember your first kiss? A brand new independent film sponsored by arts charity Fractured Atlas is set to give its audience a unique insight into the adult milestone of falling in love, but through the perspective of a young girl with autism. Writer and director, Luigi Campi, was originally drawn to the idea […]

Autistic Spectrum Digest hot off the press, what are you reading tonight?

New Apple News Stand Magazine for those on the Autistic Spectrum You may have noticed, things have changed a little here at Autism Daily Newscast, and we are absolutely delighted to introduce you to our fledgling sister site, Autistic Spectrum Digest, a brand monthly new digital magazine available on Apple News Stand which you can […]

Issue Five is now available for viewing

We told you we had exciting news for 2014, and we weren’t lying! Issue five and all back issues of the magazine are now available for those of you who requested an Android version of the app! The app  is available on Google Play to download for free. As with iTunes you then choose if you […]

First autistic comic superhero makes a huge statement

Comics are a universal language understood by all, and enjoyed by billions. Face Value, a  steampunk-noir style comic has something a little bit special. Not the invasion of  a race of power crazy aliens, a genius nemesis or a new improved race of humans. The hero in this comic is autistic. The protagonist Michael, is […]

Erin Corrado Director of ‘Hold Me Steady: A Story of Autism Service Dogs’

Erin Corrado, Toronto, Canada – is a filmmaker and has recently directed a film about autism service dogs. The film portrays society’s views on the world of autism and weaves together information through conversations with families and professionals including Prof.Tony Atwood and Dr. Temple Grandin. Erin also narrates the film. Autism Daily Newscast had the […]

Assistive Technology for Children with Autism Shows Rapid Advances Since the 1980s

Children with autism currently have a variety of assistive technology devices available to them to help them with communication, executive functions, and organizing their daily routines. Devices utilize all levels of technology, from simple picture schedules to multifunction augmentative communicators. These devices have seen a rapid advance in the level of technology they utilize over […]