Threat of eviction for couple with autistic son resolved

Ottawa, Canada – On October 9th, less than two weeks after moving in, John and Kerri From received a letter stating that there had been a complaint about the noise in the apartment and if it could not be reduced the couple should “look for more suitable accommodation immediately.” They had until October 30th to resolve the […]

Âû a history and current day phenomenon – neurodiveristy and autism

The origins of Âû the Âutistic Ûnion have been relatively unknown until now. Most people in the community will have heard of Light It Up Gold and seen the Âû placed after people’s names on Facebook , but little of the origins of this organisation and how it came to be is public knowledge. I decided […]

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The disturbing trend to use autistic as an insult: Legislator clarifies her use of the term “aren’t autistic”

Editor’s Note:  The term “Nationalism is a form of political autism” was used extensively last month when reporting the recent events and protests in Hong Kong.  Last week, a legislator in Costa Rica found herself being criticized for her use of autistic.  And as recently as this past Thursday, Jeff Goldman in an article in The Atlantic, mentions a number […]