Autism Research Review: October, 2012

Importance of Early Intervention Confirmed A study conducted at the Washington University, released on the 26th of October 2012, showed that early intervention in autism improves responses of brain to various social and cognitive cues. A program designed for autistic children diagnosed even at a young age of 12 months determined that intensive behavioural therapy can […]

Social Robots may provide therapy for autistic children

A new study conducted into play for children with autism has shown that they respond well to social robots. The toys have been on most children’s Christmas lists now for a few years. They are simpler to understand than humans, and pre-programmed with a set of responses, and repetitive games that children with autism respond […]

Oregon State panel to decide State applied behavioral analysis (ABA) coverage

An evidence-based medicine review panel in Oregon is considering adding applied behavioral analysis (ABA) to the Oregon State Health Plan. A previous panel rejected the therapy in 2008, citing lack of controlled trials. ABA is up for review once again after the state Legislature unanimously passed SB 365, requiring all private health insurance companies to […]

Yoga Provides Relaxation Benefits to Children with Autism

Yoga as a complimentary treatment for autism is growing in popularity. A new book by South Florida yoga teacher Louise Goldberg provides techniques for teaching yoga poses to children with special needs. Titled “Yoga Therapy for Children with Autism and Special Needs”, published by W.W. Norton and company, this book offers ways to present poses […]

Could Robot Therapists be the Wave of the Future?

Teaching social skills to children with autism has been a challenge for parents and educators alike.  Many children with autism are simply not motivated to interact with other people, but they do seem to gravitate towards technology.  This led some researchers to question whether combining technology and human characteristics could be an avenue to teach […]