Obsessive gambler with aspergers declares bankruptcy with £60,000 debts

Walsall, Birmingham UK – A man diagnosed with Asperger’s sundrome has been forced to declare bankruptcy after racking up over £60,000 in debt with his out of control gambling addiction. Tim Eldridge, 29 from Walsall, Birmingham, UK filled in forms to over 150 bookmakers in the area with his photograph in a bid to stop […]

Birmingham Donkey Sanctuary provide Donkey Assisted Therapy for Children with Additional Needs

The Donkey Sanctuary is the world’s largest donkey and mule sanctuary and has 10 farms situated in the UK and Ireland. Dr Elisabeth Svendsen MBE founded The Donkey Sanctuary in 1973. To date over 15,000 donkeys have passed through the Donkey Sanctuary’s gates in the UK and Ireland. There are 10 farms. The charity’s mission […]

Digbeth’s Resources for Autism Charity Fears Funding Cuts from Local Council

Digbeth’s Resources for Autism (RfA), Birmingham, UK – is a charity which supports the needs of children under the age of 19 with autism and their families in Birmingham. The charity is partially funded by a grant from Birmingham City Council. However the Birmingham Mail reports that the grant will run out in September and […]