Press Release – Aspergers Duo Creates Entertaining, Educational Webisodes for Autistic Kids and their Peers

Kayle Concepts announces their innovative ‘Bluebee TeeVee’ autism education initiative in partnership with Geek Club Books autism storytelling nonprofit and QSAC (Quality Services for the Autism Community). NEW YORK – Schools are entering into the era of the inclusion model, where all students—even those with disabilities—learn and participate in the classroom together. And yet, there […]

Taking Action to End the Stigma of Autism through Pop Culture Webisodes

For decades, the message has been ‘awareness’ for autism, and in the past few years the community has been speaking out and saying it’s time for ‘acceptance.’ But saying it isn’t enough. We have use whatever resources we personally have to offer and take actionable steps for change to happen. I met James about a […]