Children with autism have no problems interpreting body language

BRISBANE, Australia — Children with autism have no problems interpreting body language, this is according to a study by researchers from the University of Queensland in Australia. According to the researchers, contrary to popular belief, individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) do not have any difficulties interpreting body languages or reading emotions. This belief might […]

Autism Inside Out (a new series by Susan Dunne looking at autism from within)

It’s something in the way you move – autism and interpreting body language Reading in ADN of a recent Australian study which suggests that children with autism don’t have problems interpreting body language, I wasn’t unduly surprised. I’ve always suspected that the problem lies more in processing that information and choosing an appropriate response rather […]

Patterns For Success – Eye Contact

One of the greater challenges of being an autistic professional in a neurotypical world is the expectation of making eye contact during conversations. For a neurotypical person,¬†eye contact is a positive and reassuring behavior. But for the autist, it can be extremely uncomfortable, or even overwhelming. Some can manage to make eye contact, but it […]

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