Canada forms Autism Spectrum Disorder Working Group to create national autism strategy

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada — The Canadian government announced July 8 that it is set to spend $2 million on a team tasked to help create the country’s national strategy on autism, called the Autism Spectrum Disorder Working Group. The group, chaired by Health Minister Rona Ambrose, includes 11 members who are all autism experts. One […]

Canadian Supreme Court rules medical marijuana legal in all forms

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada — The Canadian Supreme Court ruled Thursday that medicinal marijuana is legal in all its forms, overturning a provision in the country’s law that only allowed patients to use the substance in its dried form. According to Canada’s highest court, the provision that obstructs the patients’ access to other forms of medicinal […]

New study finds people with autism face difficulties landing jobs

Alberta, Canada – A new study reports that people with high-functioning autism have trouble landing jobs due to poor communication skills. The study was led by Wendy Mitchell a doctoral candidate in the faculty of rehabilitation medicine at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. During the study Mitchell recorded 40 job interviews. Half of the […]