Richard Branson believes he was helped by his learning difference – w/video

Australia – Virgin Chairman Richard Branson thinks overcoming his dyslexia helped him succeed and build the Virgin brand. Dyslexia is a cognitive learning difference that causes trouble with reading comprehension. It is estimated that 3%-10% of worlds population deals with dyslexia. Like many with the famed reading difference, Branson’s teachers didn’t take it into account […]

Patterns for Success: #HighFunctioningMeans Career Challenges

For those of you who are active on Twitter, you may have witnessed an uprising of tweets from actually autistic people over the last week with three very poignant hashtags: #LowFunctioningMeans #HighFunctioningMeans #FunctioningLabelsMean The gist of this movement was to express the damage that functioning labels have done to many autistic people in setting certain […]

Patterns for Success: Find Your Own Way

We’ve talked a bit about how to land a job, how to get settled in, and some of the things that might trip you up along the way (and how to avoid tripping in the first place). The Internet is full of advice for parents of autistic children (some valuable, others, well, I’ll save that […]

Pieces in the Corporate Puzzle

In my recurring role at Autism Daily Newscast writing the Patterns for Success column, I normally share with you all practical advice for thriving in the corporate landscape as an autistic professional. As we’re all considering the symbolism of the puzzle piece within our community, I thought I might take a step to the side […]