Single mother from China who raised twins with special needs says she ‘wouldn’t change a thing’

Shanyang, China – Ma Zhiqui gave birth to twins Zhang Yuanjun and Zhang Hangjun 21 years ago. Hangjun, who is the older of the twins, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, while the younger twin, Yuanjun, was diagnosed with autism. Shortly after her sons were born, Ma decided to quit her job— despite the fact that […]

After 50 years, couple prepares for daughter with cerebral palsy to leave home

Editor’s Note: We would like to personal thank reporter Kaitlyn Roby who made it possible for us to not only reprint this article but to also use the photos she took. Keeping the family together… Since her daughter Vera Wilson was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 15 months old, Jeanne Keenan has had to fight […]