Michigan State University’s Early Learning Institute raises bar for autism education

East Lansing, Mich. — The Child Development Laboratories at the Michigan State University came up with the Early Learning Institute in hopes of bridging the gap between therapy and education for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). What separates the institute from conventional autism centers, is the fact that while most children with ASD only […]

Love of music helps young girl with autism to defy doctors

Albany, Ind. — Ten-year-old Kassidy Royal was diagnosed with autism at age two. The doctors who attended to her told her parents, Dena and Rick, that she was low-functioning and that their best option would be to keep her in a group home. But they didn’t listen. Her mother, Dena, said: “It’s extremely hard; you […]

Parents go to state Capitol – support cameras in special ed. classrooms bill – w/video

Austin, TX – Parents and law enforcement officials went to the state Capitol on Thursday in support of a bill that would require schools to install cameras in special education classes and isolation rooms. Stakeholders, including several parents of children on the autism spectrum, aimed to support the enactment of measures that would ensure that […]

Couple sentenced to 8 years in prison for putting son with autism in a cage

O’Fallon, Mo. — A couple who was caught putting their son with autism in a makeshift cage was given the maximum sentence of eight years in prison Friday. Terry and Victoria Smith were found guilty of child endangerment after it was discovered that they have been keeping their son in a makeshift cage when authorities […]

LENA device predicts word use of children with autism

A device that helps analyze and predict future word use of children on the autism spectrum has been created by a Colorado-based foundation. The device, called the LENA system, is able to predict the child’s word use after four months. The LENA system was used by researchers for their still-to-be-published work, which was presented at […]

Student with autism allegedly hit by teacher

Springfield, MO – 65-year-old Janet Carrie Williams, a teacher at learning differenced Greene Valley State School, has been charged with third-degree assault and endangering the welfare of a child, both misdemeanors. Williams allegedly admitted to a Springfield police officer that she accidentally hit a child in the head fives times. Court records first reported on […]

Virginia Judge finds 11 year old with autism guilty on criminal charges – w/audio

Lynchburg, Va. — A judge from Lynchburg in Virginia found an 11-year old child with autism guilty of criminal charges. He will now have a felony conviction for the rest of his life. The child, Kayleb Moon-Robinson, is a middle schooler from Linkhorne School, and has only been attending the school for a few months […]

Bangladesh government to develop foster care system for children with autism

Dhaka, Bangladesh — The Bangladesh government is planning to develop a foster care system for children with autism in the country, as well as those with other neurodevelopmental disabilities, according to health ministry sources. According to reports, the government’s plan of organizing the foster care system is in line with its goal of helping children […]

Classical music may calm children with autism

Perth, Australia – A new study shows that playing classic music may help calm and reduce stress for children on the spectrum. The study was conducted at Curtin University by Jeremy Marriott for his doctoral research project. World renowned pianist David Helfgott was asked to help choose the classic music sample. He chose Beethoven’s Piano […]

Child with autism receives Spider-Man drawing from Stan Lee

Harlem,NY – 8-year-old with autism Jamel Hunter recently received a drawing of Spider-Man from one of the web slinger’s creators Stan Lee. The drawing came about after New York Times reporter Michael Wilson had written a piece about the fan and his mother Phyllis for New York Times’s Neediest Cases Fund. The article detailed the […]