Single mother from China who raised twins with special needs says she ‘wouldn’t change a thing’

Shanyang, China – Ma Zhiqui gave birth to twins Zhang Yuanjun and Zhang Hangjun 21 years ago. Hangjun, who is the older of the twins, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, while the younger twin, Yuanjun, was diagnosed with autism. Shortly after her sons were born, Ma decided to quit her job— despite the fact that […]

Caught on Tape – New York School Principal heard calling special needs students “retards” and “animals”

New York – Principal Kimberly Taylor of Hilltop School in Haverstraw, that is for children with special educational needs, has been caught on tape calling students, “animals” and “retards.” Several audio clips, that were taped by Kenneth Egan, a teaching assistant at the school, were given to the school district’s Superintendent,Dr. Mary Jean Marsico. One […]