Mother of man with autism memorizes 220,000 English words in less than two years

Beijing — A 51-year old mother of a man with autism memorized 220,000 English words, their translations, and their meaning— all in less than two years. Liyan Zhi is a university teacher at the Xi’an Jiaotong University, where she teaches economics and finance. In a world where technology and the internet have become daily parts […]

Charity event in China helps raise awareness and funding for autism services

Xiamen, China – A charity event held to raise awareness of autism in China took place at the Tianzhu Mountain National Park last Saturday. The event, which was a collaborative effort by the China Women’s Development Foundation and Xiamen 1N1, featured a range of activities including baking, cooking, peanut harvesting and an egg hunt. The […]

ABA in Hong Kong: The ups and downs of getting the therapy

Hong Kong — As home to the most established and one of the largest applied behavior analysis (ABA) service provider in the world, Hong Kong has slowly become the go-to place for families caring for children with autism in Asia, where many countries lack the resources to fulfill the special needs of children on the […]

China struggles to understand autism

Mainland China – China is uncertain exactly how many of its population is on the autism spectrum, something that may be hindering how the country handles the learning difference. The largest aspect being hurt by this misunderstanding of autism is ABA. ABA stands for applied behavior analysis, a program that can increase a child with […]

Chinese educators receive autism training at Pittsburgh schools

Pittsburgh, PA – Four educators from China will be undergoing an autism training program at Riverview Junior Jr./Sr. High school this spring. The primary school teachers who arrived from Beijing in March, are seeking to learn about and subsequently adopt methods that are currently being utilized in special education curriculums in the US in hopes of […]

Press Release – CBME China Launches Charity Program to Support Children with Autism

SHANGHAI — In line with CBME China’s 15th anniversary, CBME China gives back to the community with a charity program to create awareness, draw attention and raise support for children with autism. CBME China team is coordinating a donation of products in cooperation with baby, child and maternity manufacturers, brand owners and distributors. All donated products […]

Young conductors with autism earn high marks from Cellist Matthew Barley

Hong Kong, China – Over a dozen young conductors with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) were recently provided with the opportunity to conduct a musical piece for internationally renowned cellist Matthew Barley. The 20 teens and young adults took part in two workshops that not only enabled them to participate effectively in the music making process, […]

Controversial Chinese School Uses “Violent” Method to Cure Autism

Sichuan Province, China – He Xiaoyn, founder of Leyironghe Kindergarten in Ziyang, southwest China’s Sichuan Province, claims to have “cured” 10 children with autism using her controversial, somewhat violent method. Her approach consists of using extreme negative feedback to work towards behavioral changes. For example, if a child bites, she will bite the child. If […]