Aquaponic, Green Bridge Growers support young people on the autistic spectrum

Green Bridge Growers, South Bend,Indiana, Chris Tidmarsh – is an aquaponic farming operation and employs people on the autism spectrum. Autism Daily Newscast previously reported on this story here. Chris Tidmarsh has Aspergers Syndrome and earned a triple degree from Hope College in Chemistry, Environmental Studies, and French. However even with all of the qualifications […]

Green Bridge Growers Aquaponic Greenhouse in Indiana Employs and Supports Young People On the Autistic Spectrum

Green Bridge Growers Aquaponic Greenhouse – Indiana. Jan Pilarski from South Bend, Indiana decided to set up her own business when her son Chris Tidmarsh lost his job. He graduated with a degree in chemistry and environmental studies and was working in environmental research but after losing his job moved back home. Jan Pilarski told […]