Charity Autism Wessex Urge Local Community to Donate Unwanted Christmas Gifts

Dorset, UK – Autism Wessex is a charity that provides services for autistic individuals as well as those who have other developmental disorders and learning disabilities. They are urging people to donate unwanted Christmas gifts so that they can be used as raffle prizes to help raise funds for the charity. It is reported in […]

Holkham Hall, Norfolk, UK a fantastic day out for kids with autism – Review

I’m always on the look out for a new and exciting place to take the children especially at half term. No school doesn’t mean that I want them to run wild. I want them to learn something of the history and nature of the area in which we are living. I had my reservations about […]

New Criteria For Choosing Gifts And Toys For Autistic Children

PRLog (Press Release) – Dec. 6, 2012 – Shining Abilities, a company producing toys for Autistic children, has designed a selection process to help select the perfect gift for a child with Autism.  Often parents, friends, and grandparents are unsure of what gifts or toys to buy for holidays or birthdays.  They tend to want […]

It’s Christmas Time: But Think Twice before Buying That Toy for an Autistic Child

Buying toys for children on the autism spectrum has its own set of challenges. For example, because kids with autism are more likely to have mouthing behaviours, certain toys may or may not be appropriate. Considering the fact that a child’s best friend is first his or her toys, several toys have been introduced in […]

Top tips for happy holidays with autism

The holiday season can be stressful, especially for children with autism. Changing routines, bright lights, unfamiliar noises and unfamiliar foods can all contribute to added pressure on a child and immediate family. Most of the stress can be lessened with careful planning in advance. Here are autism daily newscast’s top tips for avoiding undue stress […]

Agency hope to lift spirits of man with autism this Christmas – w/video

Laulima, HI – A 43 year old man with autism who lived on the streets for over two decades is now living independently through the support of a local social services agency. The individual, who was given up as an infant and raised in foster care homes, had resorted to living on the street for […]

Autism – How to reduce Sensory Overload over the Christmas Holidays

The sights sounds and smells of Christmas can be overwhelming for anybody, but especially for somebody with autism.  Sensory overloads are common among autistic people, and at times of the year like Christmas where every sense is assaulted from all angles, they can be even more common and difficult.  Below are some tips on how […]

Christmas Transitions – Part 2 – the time in-between transitions

Even if the transition in to Christmas has gone smoothly, Christmas time itself can be full of stress, and present autistic people and their families with all kinds of worries and issues.  Below are a few ways in which these can be overcome in order that everybody can get the most out of Christmas time. […]

Five tips for surviving Christmas with children on the autism spectrum

Christmas is fast approaching and for both parents and children who are on the spectrum this can be a difficult time of year. Decorations are everywhere you turn while the shops are noisy and crowded, but wait, Christmas is a few weeks away. My youngest son, Tom who is autistic already thinks it is Christmas! […]