Study Finds Human Voices Irritating to People with Autism

A recent study published in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that the brains of children with autism show a disconnect between the region that processes human voices and the reward center of the brain.  This means that the sound of a human voice does not trigger pleasure for individuals with autism, […]

Diuretic Drug Treatment for Autism: Bumetanide May Overpromise

 “Bumetanide”- a drug that was used for treating high blood pressure  can help an autistic child to show overall improvement in behaviors. The findings of the research are published in the December 2012 issue of Translational Psychiatry. The parents whose children underwent the treatment claimed that they have seen positive changes in the behavior of their […]

Mother’s fight against California school who are discriminating against her Diabetic and Autistic son

David Swanson is 21, a non-verbal Autistic, and to further complicate the situation, a Type I Diabetic. When David turned up to school in Sutter County California, both he and his specialised private nurse were turned away by school officials, which has started a crusade by his mother, Heather Ball Houston, against Sutter County Superintendent […]

What to do if you Suspect Abuse of your Autistic Child

There have been several recent stories in the media detailing abuse of children with autism and other special-needs. The perpetrators could be teachers, caregivers, or even the child’s own parents. Children with autism are at a higher risk for abuse, for several reasons. They tend to have social and behavioral difficulties, which can lead to […]

3 out of 5 Children with Autism have been Bullied

Children on the Autism Spectrum are particularly prone to being bullied. Most of which goes unreported. Yesterday, two juvenile males were arrested in Buffalo for allegedly punching and attempting to steal an autistic boy’s bicycle. In the neighboring state of Michigan, basketball player Anthony Ianni speaks at schools on his experiences with autism and bullying at […]

Studies Link Air Pollution to Autism Risk

A national study by the Harvard School of Public Health confirmed a link between prenatal exposure to air pollution and a higher chance of having a child diagnosed with autism.  Autism is a developmental disability characterized by difficulty initiating and sustaining social relationships, communication difficulties, and sensory-motor sensitivities. Data from the Nurses’ Health Study II, […]

Autism Research Review – March 2013

Android robots teach autistic children A team of mechanical engineers from Vanderbilt University and ASD experts  have come together to build a robotic system armed with numerous sensors, mikes, cameras and computers called NAO ( read: now). It’s aimed at teaching children develop a classical social skill which is deficient in autistic children, joint attention. […]