Daryl Hannah talks candidly about Autism struggles

The beautiful 52 year old American Actress Daryl Hannah has recently shared with the media her struggle with ASD which caused her to take a step back from acting and the Hollywood lifestyle. (Revised Oct 1, 2013) The star of many eighties movies like Splash, Blade Runner and Wall Street was diagnosed in the late […]

Daryl Hannah talks about new role in Sense8 and of feeling different

We have covered various stories revolving around Daryl Hannah on numerous occasions, our last report was on May 20, and can be read here; Update – Daryl Hannah opens up about her life with autism. This week, the Guardian reported on her new role in the Netflix original series, Sense8. The interview conducted in Paris, touches […]

Update – Daryl Hannah opens up about her life with autism

In an interview with The Australian Woman’s Weekly this week, Daryl Hannah spoke candidly about her life growing up with Asperger’s syndrome. Ms Hannah who is now 54, is known for her star Hollywood roles in films such as Splash with Tom Hanks, Blade Runner and Kill Bill, to name but a few. In her […]

Autism Awareness Month – Autism is More than Autism Speaks and Temple Grandin

Autism Awareness month is coming and yet the media only seems to know about one autism organization and one successful autistic adult. They don’t seem to realize that: Autism is More than Autism Speaks and Temple Grandin During the month many national news outlets such as CNN, The New York Times, Fox News, Time Magazine […]

Dan Aykroyd – the latest celebrity to come out of the ASD closet.

When Susan Boyle disclosed her recent diagnosis of Asperger’s newspapers around the world picked up on the story and the story spread like wild fire. Both Daryl Hannah and Dan Aykroyd , writer, producer and star of the popular “Ghostbusters” movie series also recently “revealed” their asperger diagnosis, or did they? As reported by Autism Daily Newscast […]

Celebrity Women with Autism Bring Awareness

Our series on females with autism would hardly be complete without taking a look at the famous women who have recently announced their personal struggles with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. Susan Boyle, Daryl Hannah, Miss Montana Alexis Wineman, and reality star Heather Kuzmich from America’s Next Top Model have all brought awareness to the unique […]