Dating help programs to be unveiled at Scottish autism conference

Scotland – A conference being held on Wednesday March 25 will contain presentations from Belgium and the Netherlands on their new programs aimed at helping people on the spectrum form better relationships. One of the presenters Peter Vermeulen, who runs Belgium’s Autism Central, told news outlet The Herald that: “We are starting to have people […]

Young adults with autism get help with dating and building social skills through PEERS

Los Angeles — Young adults with autism are getting a much-needed help on interacting with others and building social skills — and dating. With the help of Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills or PEERS, young adults with autism are being taught the dos and don’ts of social interaction, much like how […]

Autism and Relationships – Part 2 – dating neuro-typical people

Note: there is an assumption when writing these articles that the individuals dating, or in a relationship are of equal capacity, and no one is being taken advantage of, or being exploited. This article deals with the pros and cons of autistic people dating neuro-typical people, however it is worth pointing out why it was […]

Film Documentary, ‘Aspie Seeks Love’ documents twenty years of searching for true love

Film documentary, Aspie Seeks Love – is a new film documentary from ANIMAL, the production company who brought us the Sundance-winning BLOOD BROTHER. Aspie Seeks Love is a film that follows David Matthews, a now nearly 50-year- old man who was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome ate age forty-one. He is an artist and writer of […]

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Press Release – Dating & Disabilities: Easter Seals Love & Relationships Story Series Returns

Chicago, IL – Easter Seals’ “Love, Dating, Relationships and Disabilities” returns just in time for Valentine’s Day—featuring a new panel of experts enduring life’s most sincere moments.  The second annual digital series explores love in its many forms, with first-hand accounts from the frontlines of dating, marriage, intimacy and friendship, all with people living—and loving—with […]