Autism Research: November 29, 2013 Week in Review

SanFran team nails site of action of culprit genes in autism  A new study as reported by Autism Daily Newscast and published in Cell journal has found the site of action of disruption in people with autism. The cell affected and the stage of brain development when it is affected has been identified by a […]

Australian study finds autistic teens feel isolated

Autism Daily Newscast report earlier this month on a study published by Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) that found teens with autism are struggling to cope with school work, bullying, and mental health issues.  The last article focused on the challenges within the school system. This article looks at the broader issues of the study. The study called “We […]

Teenagers with Autism struggle to cope, new Australian study reveals

A new study looking at the social tendencies of teenagers diagnosed with Autism has found that they are more likely to suffer from bullying, isolation and mental health problems than their peers. This type of study is the first of it’s kind to be conducted and was survey based. Questionnaires were given to young people […]

Latest Autism Research: August 17 2013 Week in Review

Link found between 5 major psychiatric disorders Kenneth Kendler, M.D, and his team have found substantial overlap between the congenital risk factors producing 5 of the most common psychiatric disorders, namely, depression, autism, ADHD, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. The study published in Nature Genetics’ Advance Online journal builds on other research published earlier in The […]

3 out of 5 Children with Autism have been Bullied

Children on the Autism Spectrum are particularly prone to being bullied. Most of which goes unreported. Yesterday, two juvenile males were arrested in Buffalo for allegedly punching and attempting to steal an autistic boy’s bicycle. In the neighboring state of Michigan, basketball player Anthony Ianni speaks at schools on his experiences with autism and bullying at […]

Pets Impact Happiness for those on the Autism Spectrum

Science has proved that interacting with animals especially pets can have a deep impact on the physical betterment of human beings. Animals have been known to help in the lowering of blood pressure and cholesterol and are also effective in reducing tension and stress and also help to avoid conditions like depression. It is also […]

Studies find video games can help individuals who have depression, anxiety, and autism

Studies have found that despite the negative impression video games have on most people, they can actually help improve the conditions of individuals who have depression, anxiety, and even autism. Game developer Zoe Quinn, who has been suffering from anxiety, developed ‘Depression Quest‘ after realizing that playing online video games has actually helped her deal […]

Young man who was denied specialist support services from local council sadly dies

Tameside, Manchester, UK  – Cameron Brookes was a 16 year old boy with Asperger’s Syndrome. On August 18 2012 he was found dead at home, in his bedroom, after an argument with his mother and step father, Wendy and Mark Brookes. Cameron had been denied access to a specialist support service as he ‘didn’t fit […]