Fundraising father takes to sleeping rough to raise money for autism

Carmarthenshire, UK – After his son Jack was diagnosed with autism last month, Tom Nasmyth-Shaw, 29 from Ffos Las in Carmarthenshire, South Wales, decided he wanted to raise money for autism charities. But instead of deciding on a sponsored walk, or a skydive, he decided that he wanted to sleep rough on the streets of London […]

Prevalence of Autism Increases 23% in 4 Years

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported in March 2013 that the new estimate of autism prevalence has risen from 1 in 110 in 2009 to 1 in 88 today. A 23% increase from the previous estimate. As expected, the numbers were heavily askew towards boys affecting 1 out of 54 as […]

Autism Research Review – January 2013

Autism-inducing variant genes discovered A new research funded by The Autism Genetic Resource Exchange (AGRE) revealed on 14th Jan, 2013 the discovery of 25 CNVs or Copy Number Variations. These are duplicated extra or missing codes of DNA that are seen in few autistic patients. The CNVs are thought to be capable of increasing the […]

Autism in the United Kingdom a Growing Issue

In the United Kingdom it is estimated that nearly 1 out of 100 children today suffers from autism. While the statistics appear lower than in the United States, it still means approximately 100,000 children today living with autism in the U.K. In addition, half a million family members face the direct effect of the condition. […]

Autism Research Review – November 2012

Autistic? Likely to be a child prodigy too! On 9th November, a study of 8 child prodigies revealed astounding links between autism and prodigies in the journal Intelligence. 3 out of the 8 prodigies were diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorders (ASD). As compared to the control group peers, the study group had higher scores on […]

Love of music helps young girl with autism to defy doctors

Albany, Ind. — Ten-year-old Kassidy Royal was diagnosed with autism at age two. The doctors who attended to her told her parents, Dena and Rick, that she was low-functioning and that their best option would be to keep her in a group home. But they didn’t listen. Her mother, Dena, said: “It’s extremely hard; you […]

Temple Grandin puts weight behind campaign addressing current trends in autism awareness

Temple Grandin has long been an autism advocate, being amongst the first to write about her experiences with autism and producing a plethora of books on the subject. The 66 year old professor at Colorado State University is to add her voice to a campaign to raise awareness of trends in autism awareness after saying […]

Children born to mothers with Lupus twice as likely to be Autistic

NEWS IN BREIF – Children born to mothers with a diagnosis of Systemic lupus erythamatosus are almost twice as likely to have autism a recent study has found. The study will be presented at the American College of Rheumatology annual meeting on Wednesday October 30, and may lead to added prenatal care for women suffering […]

Fears for education of Autistic children in Pembrokeshire, UK

There are fears that some children with suspected Autism are missing out on early intervention and specialist education because they are not being diagnosed early enough. The Hywel Dda health board in Pembrokeshire, Wales, have 340 children on their waiting lists to be assessed, and figures obtained by the BBC that out of the 4,000 […]

Daryl Hannah talks candidly about Autism struggles

The beautiful 52 year old American Actress Daryl Hannah has recently shared with the media her struggle with ASD which caused her to take a step back from acting and the Hollywood lifestyle. (Revised Oct 1, 2013) The star of many eighties movies like Splash, Blade Runner and Wall Street was diagnosed in the late […]