Kevin Healey talks about the Dimensions Charity Question Time Panel at Parliament

On November 18 Kevin Healey was invited to take part in an accessible Question Time Panel for people with learning disabilities and autism. It was organised by the UK charity, Dimensions, who support people with learning disabilities and autism. The event took place at Portcullis House, Westminster, London and coincided with Parliament Week. The Question […]

BBC Four, ‘Autism: Challenging Behaviour’ Documentary and Opinions

Reaction to “Autism: Challenging Behaviour” on BBC is strong and mixed. Airdate: Tuesday 5th November. The documentary focused upon the use of Applied Behaviour Analysis) and how it is used as an intervention for Autistic children. The programme information on the BBC website is as follows: ‘The film follows three-year-old Jack and four-year-old Jeremiah through […]

Autism-Friendly Films for Autistic Moviegoers and Their Friends and Family

Autistic children and adults who may love watching movies but dread the movie theatre can now enjoy new releases in an autism-friendly theatre environment. Several cinemas in the US and UK are offering monthly showings in an auditorium suitable for an autistic audience. The autism-friendly auditorium will have dimmed lights (rather than complete dark), reduced […]

Book Review – Choosing Autism Interventions, A Research Based Guide

UK – Choosing Autism Interventions, A Research Based Guide, is a joint publication between Research Autism, Autism West Midlands and Dimensions. The authors are Bernard Flemming, Elisabeth Hurley and the Goth. The first thing I need to say is that I love this book. I was so very excited to finally read it, and after […]

World Autism Awareness Day – Autism Friendly Cinema Screenings

World Autism Awareness Day takes place on 2nd April and to celebrate Dimensions and the Cinema Exhibitors’ Association have helped secure over 800 Autism Friendly Screenings across the country. The CEA has invited all of its members to take part in a week long campaign to promote Autism Friendly Screenings in UK cinemas and help […]

Cinemas Provide Autism Friendly Viewing in UK

SOUTHAMPTON, UK – The Odeon Cinema along with 10 other cinemas across the country will offer special screenings for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD.) These special screenings are part of a trial by Dimensions, a specialist provider of services for people with learning disabilities and autism. They are are a non profit organization who working […]

Dimensions Launch First Ever Dedicated Week of Autism Friendly Screenings to Celebrate World Autism Day on April 2

UK cinema operators have come together to host the first ever national week of Autism Friendly Screenings (AFS) – This is to support World Autism Awareness Day which is in its seventh year. AFS were first introduced by Dimensions, a leading not-for-profit organisation which supports people who experience autism. AFS have sound levels turned down, […]