Short Film Documentary – WIZARD MODE

Canada – WIZARD MODE is an exciting short documentary film that shares with the world the story of Robert Gagno, a young man with autism who is ranked as the fourth best pinball player in the world. Released earlier this year, SALAZAR, the producers of the film, hope that WIZARD MODE will soon become a full length […]

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“Autistic and Aging Out” – What Happens When Children with Autism Grow Up?

It’s a well-known fact that the rate of autism is rising. The number of diagnosed cases is up from one in 88 to one in 50, and it continues to rise. Much of the current research is focused on finding the cause, and a cure, but in the meantime, there is an even bigger crisis […]

Eye-opening POV Autism Documentary airs on PBS

On July 29, 2013, PBS premiered the documentary Neurotypical. Neurotypical is a documentary from the viewpoint of autistic individuals that explores their daily lives, thoughts and feelings, as well as their opinion on the normal, or “neurotypical,” world. The film is rare, as it is not only poignant and revealing, but also remarkable and sometimes […]

Father of Three Seeks Funding for Documentary

David Berkowitz is a father to three boys two boys and a girl with autism. He knows a lot about the disorder, not only as a parent, but as an individual who is living with high-functioning autism himself. He is working on raising money to fund a documentary about how art, dance, music, and technology are […]

Autism in Love

We all want to fall in love. We all want to find the one, settle down, have children and be happy. This can be a challenge for those of us with average intellectual, emotional capabilities and social skills. Imagine how much harder it is for those who lack the typical skills for developing social connections. […]

Documentary Influences a Change in France’s Autisim Policy

A year ago a movie was released known as “Le Mur”, translated means “The Wall”. The movie was a documentary and an in depth study of the treatment of two autistic children utilizing an American model of treatment and a French model of treatment. It was part of an ongoing process to change France’s treatment […]