I akke the effort for you

This entry is dedicated to Stella Young. Through her Tedx talk I found my way to writing this entry, which is something I’ve wanted to do but just couldn’t let go of that last bit of fear.  Thank you Stella. Rest Peacefully ♥ Editor’s Note:  I am a great admirer of Stella Young and so was […]

Richard Branson believes he was helped by his learning difference – w/video

Australia – Virgin Chairman Richard Branson thinks overcoming his dyslexia helped him succeed and build the Virgin brand. Dyslexia is a cognitive learning difference that causes trouble with reading comprehension. It is estimated that 3%-10% of worlds population deals with dyslexia. Like many with the famed reading difference, Branson’s teachers didn’t take it into account […]

Special Font Helps People with Dyslexia Read

A Dutch man has developed a special font specifically designed to help individuals with dyslexia read. Christian Boer, 33, is a graphic designer who suffers from dyslexia. He developed the font, called “Dyslexie,” as a final thesis project when he was a student at the Utrecht Art Academy in the Netherlands. The font varies the […]

Jennifer Aniston on Being Dyslexic: ‘I Thought I Wasn’t Smart’

Los Angeles — She is highly successful in the film industry and her popularity around the world is undeniable— but not many are aware that behind all the smiles and the Hollywood glamour is a person who has been dealing with a developmental disorder called dyslexia. Jennifer Aniston said that growing up unaware that she had […]