Tadpoles help San Diego researchers get insight into autism

Tadpoles are helping researchers at Brown University understand the mechanisms of autism. The ‘tadpole model of autism‘ was presented to the  presented a tadpole model of autism at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in San Diego by Eric James GS of Brown University. James and Arseny Khakhalin, a postdoctoral fellow, started studying tadpole […]

Tadpole experiment shows drug may cause autism

Providence, RI – Brown University recently published a study in the Journal of Neuroscience that links autism’s cause to the epilepsy drug valporic acid (VPA) taken during pregnancy. “We can use this to identify biological targets that we can potentially manipulate to effect a rescue,” Lead study author and Brown University graduate student Eric James […]

Autism – Treatments and therapies. Where should you begin?

Do you take your child’s autism in your stride, seeing it, simply, as a different way of being: one that is very much part of him? Do you see treatments and therapies as unnecessary; believing that autism is just a different way of learning? Or are you a ‘warrior mom’ who, feeling your child has […]

New study researches autism’s connection with epilepsy

Veracruz, Mexico – Doctoral student in Brain Research of the University of Veracruz, Angel Alberto Puig Lagunes is studying the relationship between autism spectrum disorder and epilepsy. World wide 20-30 percent of those on the spectrum also have some form of epilepsy. The study researched neurotransmitters and receptors amounts that may lead to seizures. Angel […]

Father who gave dying daughter medicinal marijuana now allowed to see her -w/video

Queensland, Australia — Adam Koessler, the Australian father who risked getting himself jailed in a desperate attempt to save his dying daughter by giving her medicinal marijuana— has been finally been allowed to see her. Koessler— whose 2-year-old daughter, Rumer Rose, is suffering from stage 4 cancer— has been arrested earlier this month but was […]