Studies Explore Lack of Eye Contact in Autism

A study at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York sheds new light on why people with autism tend to avoid making eye contact. Lack of eye contact was thought to be a social deficit, but it could instead be the result of brain differences in processing visual stimuli. The study included 22 […]

Help Your Child with Autism Build Stronger Bonds through Eye Contact

“LOOK AT ME” – No one likes to be forced to do anything, especially kids. As a parent, you know it’s difficult for your child with autism to make eye contact, which sometimes leads you to say:  “Look at me.”  As parents, caretakers, and teachers, we sometimes find ourselves demanding that our kids give eye […]

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Researchers find that Autism presents in children from first weeks of life

An American study has found that infants and babies affected with Autism are less likely to hold eye contact and be aware that a person is communicating to them. The research conducted by Emery School of Medicine in Atlanta Georgia and published in Nature journal looked at the deficit in eye contact of infants aged […]

The Big Bang Controversy: Is Sheldon Autistic?

With the recent confirmation that The Big Bang Theory will be starting Season 7, the big speculation is “What is Penny’s last name?” However, since it first aired in September 2007 on CBS, viewers have questioned whether or not Sheldon (Jim Parsons) is meant to be portrayed as autistic in the comedy TV series. The viewers’ autism-question […]

Autism and the Criminal Justice System – Part 6 – Eye Contact

Eye contact is something that autistic people can find very difficult, but it is also something that our society values very highly.  This can often lead to problems and conflict.  This article isn’t designed to give people tips on how to be better at making eye contact, but rather to illustrate why it can be […]

Julie Ellsmoor – Blogger and mum to young man with autism gives thoughts on eye contact

All this week we are discussing Samsung’s Look At Me App, with various viewpoints on eye contact being offered.  Julie Ellsmoor is a prolific autism blogger and mother to an adult son, John 26, who is on the autistic spectrum. During the week he lives in residential care with the Wirral Autistic Society. He has […]

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Direct eye contact and embracing the sense of danger

Some say that the eyes are the gateway to the soul. But we as autists have a natural aversion to looking directly into another’s soul. Perhaps it is that we see too much at one time to process, that we are examining something great and sacred that should never bear our rigorous scrutiny. As an […]

Patterns For Success – Eye Contact

One of the greater challenges of being an autistic professional in a neurotypical world is the expectation of making eye contact during conversations. For a neurotypical person, eye contact is a positive and reassuring behavior. But for the autist, it can be extremely uncomfortable, or even overwhelming. Some can manage to make eye contact, but it […]

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