A young autistic boy receives birthday cards from all around the world after mum’s Facebook post

Andover, Massachusetts‎,Boston – Logan Pearson is severely autistic and non-verbal. His mother, Catherine is reported in the CBS Boston news as saying that for the past 11 years they have not really celebrated Logan’s birthday with parties or with friends. His dad, James said: “People have just felt like well ‘Logan can’t understand so we […]

Anna Kennedy OBE celebrates the positive power of Facebook

Anna Kennedy OBE – To celebrate Facebook’s 10th birthday, Anna Kennedy discusses how she has used the social network to create a virtual autism community. To date she has 16000 followers on Facebook across her 3 pages. This online community helps people affected by autism and includes families, carers and celebrities who provide guidance, support […]

Sharon Tiday on her Campaign for Disability Awareness Lessons in School

Sharon Tiday, from Plymouth, UK, is a mum on a mission. The mum of 3 to Shannon and Stacey, both 6 and Jack, 11, set up last year a Facebook group ‘Campaign for Disability Awareness Lessons in schools‘ and is campaigning for disability awareness lessons to be part of the curriculum in all mainstream schools. […]

Support for man with Asperger’s goes viral on Facebook after store customer calls him too slow

Clay, New York – Never underestimate the power of a “big” sister on a mission. Chris Tuttle has worked at Wegmans in Clay, New York for the past 7 years. On Friday, a woman customer yelled at him for being too slow. Tuttle who has asperger’s was devastated and remained upset and stressed 10 hours […]

Sarah Alderson founder of, ‘Autism Storms and Rainbows’ wins Facebook Page of the Year Award

Autism Storms and Rainbows wins Facebook Page Award Sarah Alderson from Morecambe UK, is mum to 3 children, her youngest son Elliot, 4, is on the autistic spectrum. Autism Daily Newscast first reported on Sarah back in September about Sarah’s ‘Red Alert’ posters. Sarah also runs an Autism awareness and support group on Facebook, ‘Autism […]

Mark Zuckerberg and his Pro Vaccination book club choice

Mark Zuckerberg – The CEO of Facebook has hit the headlines and this time it is all about the pro vaccine debate. This all came about because of his book club, A Year of Books on Facebook and his recent book choice, On Immunity by Eula Biss. This appears to be a controversial choice. On […]

Alex Glover – the young man with autism who took on Facebook and won

Merseyside, UK – Alex Glover is a teenager who is on the autism spectrum. Last week his Facebook page was shut down over the issue of his changing his profile name to that of his Dr Who hero,  Peter Capaldi. Alex relies on Facebook to communicate with friends and the outside world, something that he […]

Teenager with autism went on airgun rampage as he wanted to die

Shetland – The father of Samuel Barlow, 16 who has autism and who the Daily Record report went on an airgun rampage on the island, only did so as he wanted the police officers he threatened to shoot him and kill him. Paul Barlow, 47 told of how his son, Samuel, had been “pushed over […]

Mother uses the power of Facebook to wish young son with Asperger’s Syndrome ‘Happy Birthday’ from all over the world

Kalamazoo, Michigan– Colin is a young boy with Asperger’s Syndrome. This year he told his mother that there would be no point in throwing a birthday party as he doesn’t have any friends to invite. He also added that all of the kids at school “don’t like me” and “make fun of me,” Kristen Skladd […]