Autistic girls, sexuality and vulnerability

One thing not mentioned and often brushed aside is the need and want for acceptance and friends in girls who are autistic. After growing up in an environment of sensory overloads, teasing and watching the popular girls breeze by with apparent ease it can be especially overwhelming to then begin puberty. There are changes that […]

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December 11 – BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour Discuss Female Asperger’s

BBC Radio 4, Woman’s Hour 10 – 11 am – Susan Boyle and Female Asperger’s topic of conversation. The Singer Susan Boyle revealed on Sunday to the National media that she has Asperger’s Syndrome. She was diagnosed at age 52. Woman’s Hour will be discussing why women and girls are often diagnosed later on in […]

Monique Blakemore: Asperger Women UK, Autism Strategy Review

Monique Blakemore from Manchester UK has Asperger’s Syndrome and is an autism advocate for others on the autistic spectrum and for families supporting autistic individuals. She has two young sons who are both on the autistic spectrum. Monique is an active campaigner, advocate and coach. Earlier this year she facilitated Autism Bubble Day and which […]