Epidemic of Knowledge – Film documentary by Olley Edwards explores reality of autism diagnosis for females

Epidemic of Knowledge is a short documentary film that follows the journey of mother, Olley Edward’s, 32, as she embarks upon her own autism journey of self-discovery. Along the way she also explores how autism presents itself in females. Olley is a passionate campaigner and advocate for females on the autism spectrum and is an […]

Press Release – Award-Winning Autism Documentary Translated into Spanish Provides Valuable Resource for Underserved Communities

Teen provides unique tool for Spanish speaking community to broaden understanding of people with autism. Autism Daily Newscast’s original interview with Alexandra can be found here. North Brunswick, NJ, September 16, 2015 – A Teen’s Guide to Understanding and Communicating with People with Autism has been translated into Spanish to fill an unmet need in […]

Crowd funding campaign to make film documentary – Girl of Sand w/video

Germany – After a long period of intensive preparation, the documentary film “Girl of Sand” (in German: “Sandmädchen”) is set to be made for the cinema this year. Author and director is the Leipzig film-maker Mark Michel, working together with the young, autistic writer Veronika Raila. In order to complete the financing, a crowd funding […]

Film documentary ‘Do it Differently’ – Dads talk about autism

Fan Blade films present Do it Differently –  A film by director Scott Phillips, that explores the complex emotions, thoughts and feelings of four fathers, Mike Whitty, Damian Gobel, Jonathon Ayers and Mike Guido who care for a child on the autistic spectrum. Scott writes on his YouTube page about the film: Please share this […]

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Film documentary – The R-Word w/video

The R-Word – Amanda Lukoff is a filmmaker based in Washington, D.C., her older sister,  Gabrielle, has Down syndrome. Together with her husband Danny Egan, Amanda decided to make the film documentary, The R-Word, in order to find out about the history and the implications of using the word ‘retarded.’ Amanda told The Mighty. “We […]

For the Love of Dogs – a film documentary

For the Love of Dogs -is a film documentary by Tim O’Donnell that tells the story of Corey Gould , an eleven-year-old boy who has Asperger’s syndrome. The film begins when Corey visits  the National Dog Show and his life changes forever. The website states: ‘witness how a boy’s passion for dogs has opened up […]

Kevin Healey and his Anti Bullying Autism Campaign

Kevin Healey, Staffordshire, UK – An article in The Sentinel reported that for four months Kevin was afraid to leave the house after being sent an anonymous email saying: “Healey, get ready because I’m going to finish you off via a hit squad” Autism Daily Newscast has reported previously about how Kevin has been the […]