Florida man pedalling for Autism

Sunny Isles Beach, Fl – Founder of not for profit group Jorge Zighelboim has embarked on an epic 500 miles bike ride in a crusade to change Florida state’s Autism Insurance mandate. Zighelboim’s daughter Gabriella now seven, was diagnosed with autism in 2008, families living in the state are entitled to up to $36,000 in reimbursements per […]

Florida Human Rights Commission state Disney park discriminated against children with autism

Lake Buena Vista, Fla. — Walt Disney theme parks continue to be under fire as the Human Rights Commission in Florida released a statement saying that after conducting an investigation, it found that the popular amusement park has, in fact, discriminated against children with disabilities. Disney was slapped with multiple lawsuits after it changed its […]

Broward deputies reunite therapy dog with six year old autistic girl

BROWARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – Broward Sheriffs Office went on an immediate search for a missing French Bulldog named Sampson after they received a 911 call about the missing dog.  Sampson. lovingly known as Sammy, is a therapy dog for Madeline, a six year old girl with autism. The dog went missing from heir home after […]

Six statues stolen From school for autism being sold for scrap and thief arrested

Orange County, Florida  – Teachers and staff returned to the Academy for Autism on Thursday to set up for the school year when they discovered that six bronze statues had been stolen from the schools fountain in the garden. The school suspects that the thief came through the gate overnight to steal the garden’s prized centerpieces. […]

Autistic child who voted out of class is now thriving 6 years on

West Palm Beach, Florida – 2008, Alex Barton who has Asperger Syndrome was voted out of his class. He had been sent to the Principal’s office for disrupting the class and on his return the teacher asked the class to vote on whether he should be allowed to stay. The children decided to vote him […]

Paralysed Dog Brings Comfort to Autistic Children

 Tampa, Florida – Sandy Lewers 55, adopts paralysed dog from Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Sandy told ABC News reporter Ben Gittleson that she had no intention of buying a dog when she went to the shelter but that when she saw Willie the dachshund her heart melted. Willie was discovered by a staff member from […]

Autistic Boy in DeBary, Florida no Longer allowed to keep chickens at family home

DeBary, Florida – J.J. Hart, 3 from DeBary, Florida and his family have been told by the local City Council members that they will no longer be able to keep chickens at their family home. J.J. has three chickens that he likes to chase round in the family’s back yard and whom he fondly calls, […]

Teenager with Autism Pursues Dream to Become an Eagle Scout

  Titusville,FL –  17-year-old Ashyton Chance Stone has earned 70 merit badges and plans to become an Eagle Scout despite having autism, cerebral palsy, and difficulty speaking. To help achieve his goal he lead a group of 50 scouts and adult volunteers as they groomed and planted 100 plants on the grounds of Washington Square, […]

Two musicians with autism perform as a duo

Lake Worth, Florida – An unlikely duet have been brought together by music, their teachers and autism WBTV 5 News reports. Piano instructor Lori White says: “It’s very unusual and it’s very exciting to put them together see how far they’ve come,” Brian Chen, 19, has been playing the piano for 10 years and Megan […]

Rising Tide Car Wash employ individuals with autism – update

Florida – Most of the employees at this car wash are on the autistic spectrum. John D’Eri co-founded Rising Tide Car Wash to give his son, who has autism, autism spectrum, a way to earn money and to build a community. D’Eri came up with the idea two years ago when he was driving through […]