Psychiatric Study into Autism causes Media to urge caution

A study conducted by the University of California’s MIND institute and published in Translational Psychiatry on September 22 has cased some outrage in the media. Autism diagnosis rates in the US are currently around one in 88 children. The study explores seven antibody proteins found in expectant mothers could be the soul cause of an […]

Did the New York Times get it wrong in linking Autism and Cancer genes?

Research into two unrelated genetic mutations in cells have shown a link between a specific cancer gene and Autism, say the New York Times. This is based on research conducted by the University of Washington into mutates cancer gene, called PTEN. Around 10% of people with the mutation, which causes cancers of the breast, colon, thyroid […]

Mercury in Autism Vaccines – the debate hots up once more

Every so often, the media debate on the use of Mercury in vaccines and the tenuous link between the vaccines and autism hots up in the media. This particular flare was caused by the CDC (centre for disease control)  itself which published a white paper on January 23 on the use of Thimerosal, a mercury […]