Autism linked to salt in the nerves at birth

Scientists at the French National Institute for Health and Medical Research have found a tentative link between salt levels in neurons during birth and autism. The full article which appeared in The Independent on January 11, cites the research conducted by Dr Yehzeckel Ben-Ami and his team. They looked at the relationship between the love […]

The psychiatric profession’s reaction to French government’s recommendations

As reported by Autism Daily Newscast, there has be a change in government policy regarding autism in France. The same can not be said of the traditional medical and psychiatric institutions. Back in March, La haute autorité de santé (HAS or Higher Authority for Health) et l’Anesm (National Agency for the evaluation and the quality of […]

French mother concedes hunger strike for Autistic daughter after 15 days

We have been following closely the hunger strike started on July 9 by French mother Jacqueline Tiarti as a crusade against the French government’s preference for medical treatment for children and individuals with Autism. On July 23, after 15 days of starvation, Ms Tiarti, from the Calmart region of France was forced to give up […]

Petition started for French Mother Hunger striking for Autism treatment

As reported earlier, an online petition has been started on behalf of French mother Jacqueline Tiarti. Ms Tiarti, who has now been on hunger strike for 15 days addresses her heartfelt plea in an open letter to the President of the French Republic. Ms Tiarti, mother of seven year old Melissa is objecting to the […]

Hunger Strikes by French Mothers with Autistic Children

Mothers of Autistic children in France are resorting to hunger strikes to demonstrate their urgency to get the right treatment for their children. France, in particular prefer the treatment of Autism using psychoanalytic methods, rather than the approach adopted in other countries of behavioural and educational therapy. Jaqueline Tiarti, started a hunger strike on July […]

Documentary Influences a Change in France’s Autisim Policy

A year ago a movie was released known as “Le Mur”, translated means “The Wall”. The movie was a documentary and an in depth study of the treatment of two autistic children utilizing an American model of treatment and a French model of treatment. It was part of an ongoing process to change France’s treatment […]

Campaigners brand French autism care a sham

Thousands of autism campaigners took to the streets of Paris on Saturday March 29 in a bid to urge the government not to treat autism as a form of psychosis. Vanincre L’Autisme organised this, the eleventh march for hope in a bid to raise awareness of how far behind France is compared to the rest of […]